Cracking meringue

Cracking meringue

Cracking meringue

Melt in your mouth meringue. It might take a bit of time to bake them, but it takes hardly any effort and is definitely worth the wait. And a very tasty way to do something with leftover egg whites after baking cookies or cake.

Makes around 24 blobs


4 Egg whites
225 gr. Caster sugar


– Preheat the oven to 120C (electric oven).

– Make sure your mixing bowl is very clean and grease/fat free otherwise your egg whites won’t set.
TIP: To make sure (especially with a plastic bowl) it’s clean, put some lemon juice on a piece of paper towel and rub all the sides of the bowl and the whisks. This won’t affect the flavour but will make your whisking a lot easier.

– Put the egg whites in the mixer and mix on high speed until small peaks form.

– Add the sugar, one tablespoon at the time. Between each added spoonful, wait until the sugar has dissolved.
TIP: You can check if all the sugar has dissolved by rubbing a bit of the mixture between your fingers; if you still feel the grains of sugar, you should mix a bit longer.

– Cover two baking sheets with baking paper. Put about 12 blobs  on each sheet or until you’re out of mixture.

– Bake for 3 to 4 hours. The meringues are ready when they are firm and dried out and come of the paper easily.

You can eat them like they are or make them a bit more fancy by serving them with some whipped cream and fresh fruit such as strawberries. I hear they are also very nice with chocolate sauce…


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