Rapid Stroganoff

Very easy rice dish with Stroganoff sauce.

Very easy rice dish with Stroganoff sauce.

For a sauce to be born, a myth has to be present. As most sauces, the Stroganoff sauce is surrounded in a world of tales and myths. The story goes that the chef of a general, during the reign of the Russian Stroganoff family, wasn’t able to cut the meat well due to the cold winter. The only way he could cut it was into long strands and that is how we now know the dish Beef Stroganoff. But… to make this a very very quick and easy recipe (and because I had a tin in the cupboard) I used cooked ham instead. It was still delicious though!

Serves 2


130 gr. Rice

1 Onion
1 clove of Garlic
200 gr. Beef/Pork (anything goes as long as it’s ready within minutes)
1/2 a Paprika (red)
125 gr. Mushrooms (the normal white ones)

1 tin of Tomato puree (50-70 gr.)
125 ml Sieved Tomatoes (or Passata)
1 tsp Chili powder

75 ml Double Cream
Bunch of Parsley


– Cook the rice in lightly salted water, according to package instructions.

– Chop the onion finely. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Cut the paprika into long strands or small dices. Cut the meat into small pieces.

– Heat some oil or butter in a frying pan and glaze the onion. Squeeze the garlic above the pan and stir through.
– Add the meat and brown it quickly in 2-4 minutes until done.
– Add the paprika and mushrooms and bake them for a few minutes.

– Put the tomato puree into the pan and bake for 2 minutes. Add the sieved tomatoes, chili powder and 50 ml of water.
– Bring to a boil and let it reduce for 5 minutes until you have a thick sauce.

– Add the double cream. If the sauce is too runny; bring it back to the boil and reduce it for a few minutes. If it’s too thick: add a bit of water or double cream.

Serve the rice with the Stroganoff sauce and finish it off with some finely chopped parsley.


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