Nut-free pesto with a twist

Pesto with endive and without nuts

Pesto with endive and without nuts

Just about every pesto you find in the supermarket is filled with cashew nuts or pine nuts, therefor a no-go for people with a nut allergy. But not to worry! This recipe is nut-free and absolutely amazing. You can use it for pasta, through an omelet or put a dollop in your soup. And the best thing about it is; there is endive in it to give it a bit of a kick!

Makes about 75ml


1/2 a clove of Garlic
20 gr. Endive (young leaves, preferably home grown)
10-15 gr Basil (just the leaves)

30-50 ml Olive Oil
30 gr. Parmesan Cheese


– Put the garlic, endive and basil in a blender and blend until all the leaves are finely chopped.
– Add the cheese and then the olive oil bit by bit, blend it to a rough paste.

– Taste! Season with salt and pepper and even some lemon juice to taste. If it’s too dry for your liking; just add a bit more olive oil.



Serve it with pasta, bread, fish or chicken. Also very nice as a dipping sauce with the barbecue.
Instead of endive you could also use rocket or spinach.
You can keep it in the fridge for a few days; poor it into a jar and add a little olive oil over the top then put a lid on to keep it airtight.



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