Turkish Mezze

Turkish mezze

The more one looks at different cuisines from all over the world, the more one sees differences as well as similarities. An example is the form of meals during times of festivities or family gatherings. In many countries it means a lot of different small dishes which everyone can pick and match to their own taste. The Turkish variety is Mezze or Meze.

I picked a few simple and cheap mezzes that can serve as a basis. Over time I hope to learn more fabulous dishes to extent this to a table full of amazing food.

My basic Mezzes are:

– Biber Dolmasi (Stuffed bell peppers)
– Köfte (Turkish meatballs)
– Nut- and Sesame-free Hummus (Dip from chickpeas)
– Haydari (Dip from yogurt)
– Pogaça (stuffed bread rolls)

You can serves these dishes with Bulgur, which is very similar to the use of couscous. Nowadays there are many supermarkets that sell the quick-to-cook option which is ready in five minutes.
The bulgur can be stuffed full of any of the left-over ingredients you might have from making the other mezzes; herbs such as mint, parsley and dill, crumbled Turkish white cheese, raisins and minced lamb.


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